For the First Time Synopsis
Ornery opera singer (Mario Lanza) meets deaf girl (Johanna von Koczian) who changes his life.

Movie Reviews

For the First Time

By junestar35
A must see movie...

first time

By gracecruiz
the movie is good and entertaining.....

For the First Time

By patiently
It was a great movie.Romantic,funny,a beautiful story and most of all, a message about love and forgiveness. The best movie ever....

for the first time

By clplselig
It was a very nice movie, we enjoy it a lot the sceneries and the funny scenarion. Good combination....

For The First Time

By lovephilmovies
THe movies was very entertaining. My family loved it. It was a combination of drama, comedy and love story. The best movie of Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. More power to both of them. Hope...

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

By SweetLove4Rose
Yeah, I came to see this movie TWICE, one day after another! Couldn't get enough of KC and the view in Santorini, Greece (my dream place). As for Richard, he wasn't bad at all, cocky in the movie...

Good Acting for KC...since its her first movie.

By jane_cu619
KC and Richard look good together. This movie was a really good one and was worth my money. The acting of KC's dad is so good, it's like he is accually getting mad. The part made me cry. This movie...

for the first time

By mvcrpc03
the movie is wonderful....

For the first time

By dyosal16
first part of the movie is nice, when they were in Greece but when they went back to the Philippines that's when the story went off, it's like watching 2 different movie at the same time. Sorry but...

For the First Time

By napizamd
The movie was not shallow nor deep. Its ok. The lines was great but not original some are common like.... when Seth replied to Pia when she asked "Bakit ka Nandito" (Why are you here?) Seth Replied,...

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Rated NR