positive plant-based message

By moviewatcher789
Written January 09, 2011
The film is based solely on health problems (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.) and what causes these illnesses. It sends a really positive message to add more plant products into a person's diet so they can live stronger. I really enjoyed this film because it convinces people to go vegan without showing horrible photos of tortured animals.
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Even Better The Second Time Around

By Mr LaPage
Written January 13, 2011
I've watched the movie twice, and will see it again. The second time I found myself still totally engrossed, picking up on details I didn't notice or had forgotten about the first time. It's a very important message that Drs. Esselstyn and Campbell and the others have to tell America. It's the truth about our diet and the falsehood and failing of conventional medicine. It's done in a positive manner. We need more of that in this world.
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Forks over Knives

By badaboom
Written January 15, 2011
Informational, science-based, global and filled with humor and heart. For anyone who wants to be healthy, who cares about the planet and it's inhabitants, it is a must see. It will be abhorred by the dairy, meat and pharmaceutical industries and I would guess big money will be spent to maintain the western diet status quo. See it..pass it on. It may change your life! I loved the part about flying the flag! Reason enough to look at some serious dietary changes! Yes, loved the film. Probably not for those folks locked into the 'living to eat' and lots of red meat mode. However, if being over weight, feeling crappy and pill taking has become undesirable, then it is a truly inspirational, hopeful film with a very simple message. We choose our health.
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By olamideduke
Written July 08, 2013
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By GardenChef
Written January 20, 2011
This was a great documentary! It is the most important movie that has come out in this century and for that matter ever. The information is so important that everyone must see it. If every person saw this movie and did just one thing to change their diet and move in the direction of a plant based, wholefood, diet, they could not only cure their health challanges, but would help the planet in so many ways, and shift the way animals that are used for "food" are treated. Bravo to the producer and the tireless doctors who have dedicated their lives to bring the truth to those who do not know about how our food choices affect everything on our planet. Thanks and Peace to you and yours.
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