Go See Sarah Marshall

By fernandezj57
Written April 19, 2008
Great funny film to go see with anyone. Other than one particular scene that was a bit over the top, i enjoyed the movie as much as i did the previous films directed and written by the director.
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Such a great movie!

By ninjamaster62
Written May 01, 2008
I had such a great time at this movie. It was so funny and so well done. The actors were perfectly cast. Judd Apatow and his crew are so good at making this kind of movie. The storyline is pretty generic, but the characters and the dialog make it absolutely memorable and fantastic. The music for the film is also great. The laughs are almost nonstop, and not all of the jokes were in the commercials. It also has a very dramatic and serious side to the story that is done well, not overly cheesy or anything like that. There were a few parts that were kinda gross and shocking, but that is just all part of the fun. My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and I am even considering going back to see it again.
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By Thumperhump84
Written April 24, 2008
I loved this movie. It made me laugh from start to finish. I see a lot of people were saying that the male private parts were shown too much and were uncallled for, HAH I laugh because we see a lot of ******s shown in movies and yet NOTHING bad is ever said. Thats wrong. I found it funny and I think that a little sex humor is great. Also the movie was rated "R" why would you take your kids knowing that nudity was involved and complain that is wasn't a "kids movie". No matter what I LOVED IT!!! Go and see for yourself.
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funny movie

By mathewb28
Written April 21, 2008
we were bored so we took a chance and went to see this movie. It surprised us with the crazy situations that the characters put themselves in. Not for the whole family but a good movie non the less.
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Funny movie with some heart, but NOT for younger viewers

By Ern
Written April 19, 2008
After the failure that was Superbad I was concerned that this movie would not live up to the hype of the advertisements (I mean lets face it those billboards were genius). The movie does start off really slow and yes there is full frontal MALE nudity THREE times within a few minutes. Boy was I unprepared for that. However, you grow to love the characters and the movie takes a different twist in that the people you usually hate you grow to love and you hate the people you usually root for. I thought Jason Segal did a great job. But I am so over Jonah Hill I can't even tell you. He is not funny and he plays someone sad, creepy and tragic. After about the second time his character comes into the movie you start to hope he falls off a cliff. A fun date movie and I can't wait to own it. Besides every movie with Billy Baldwin is a winner =)
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