2 Thumbs Up!

By awesomej2
Written November 05, 2010
I loved the movie...I knew mr Perry would do an amazing job, but that cast is what took it to a new level-everyone was phenomenal! I say this is the Waiting to Exhale of 2010, ladies grab your girls and have a really good time together. Not just for colored girls, Oscar Nominations are coming...God bless this Cast & Crew!
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For 'true BLUE' ManHaters Only

By brud
Written November 06, 2010
This was the worst movie I have ever seen. This movie is for "true BLUE" Man-Haters! Men will hate it and any normal women will get an abnormal view of American Women. No doubt there is truth to what happened at the hands of men, but it's the minority, not the majority. Guys .. do not let your wife, paramour, girlfriend or date talk you into seeing this movie together .. seriously! And, if she can't wait to go see "For Colored Girls" by herself or with her female friends, you may question whether this is the right relationship for you. Abused woman have a lot of issues you don't want to be a part of or help 'fix'. Counseling is very expensive and I don't believe that it makes women better if they think they are 'survivors'. Also, to be clear, this movie is not about race .. except in the Middle East.
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Five Word Review

By GwenM
Written September 21, 2010
I can't imagine not seeing
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By wen2love19
Written November 06, 2010
I just saw the movie, and I have to tell you that it was worth every dollar and time. This movie is not just for color women is for every women out there. Thank u tyler for bringing such an amazing cast, movie to light. I know that you opened the eyes of a lot of women out there including me.
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For Colored Girls - Not your Regualr Tyler Perry Movie

By moxiemoll
Written November 04, 2010
Don't go to this movie expecting to see Tyler Perry humor. You have to dig to see the subtle humor in the frank story of the lives of these women. It is not an appropriate film for children due to the violence of the scenes. Those scenes and the entwining of these women’s lives is what grabs you and twists your heart. The movie reads like a play in parts, as they are speaking the poetry from the book. It is read in a way that is a disconcerting background whisper to your soul, as you begin to understand the women and their portrayal of their characters, each actor plays their part with exquisite precision. You'll see how their lives mesh in the movie. All of the actors play their part so well, you will hate some of them before you come to love them. Tyler Perry does a magnificent job directing and filming this movie, and each actor should receive an award for their part. Truly a movie of triumph of the women of color. A must see movie.
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