For a Good Time, Call ... Synopsis
Two roommates (Ari Graynor, Lauren Anne Miller) start a phone-sex line.
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Overly simplistic girl-friendship movie

By pedsarq
This movie is obsessed with sex! The more interesting parts in this movie are, in fact, overshadowed by the writer's infatuation with the shock that awkward sex-heavy conversations and certain props...

Sundance Favorite Huge Hit!

By dhenkedh7
The buzz from Sundance was dead on. This little, under-the-radar story of two girls finding friendship through a phone sex business is terrific. Not only does it benefit from a tight, well-written...

For a good time go to this movie!

By mycatinky
I can't remember the last time I enjoyed going to the movies so much!!! There were nearly non-stop laughs, the acting was perfection and overall the flow of the movie was perfect. I would highly...

Refreshing and fun

By Merriditha
A thoroughly enjoyable kinda-chic flic - I say "kinda" because of all the raunchy fun and pretty faces that most guys will enjoy enough to see the show with their chic. The cameos were fun and the...


By dannypants
Far raunchier than I expected, but also alot more heart than I expected, too! I laughed ALOT! I highly recommend this movie! (but don't see it with your mother!)...

Enjoy the trailer instead

By somewords
It offered a few brief laughs but the audience was mostly silent for 90 minutes. Another example of expert editing to make an amusing trailer for a movie that falls short. It would've made a funny...

A Must See!

By hhh91
For a Good Time Call is a funny, feel-good movie that provides entertainment from start to finish. When I first saw the trailer it appeared to be an amusing chick-flick but it was so much more. I...

Wrong on so many funny levels

By Nolette
Finally girls are making a not gross but dirty funny movie!! Loved Justin Long as the referee/best gay guy friend, and the girls were really cute. l really enjoyed this movie....

Fun and Funny Gal Buddy Movie.

By Al P
Film comedy's a tough gig, given the lack of audience feedback in real time. Still, some writers and onscreen talent have a knack for it and others don't. While this film isn't exactly a riotous...

good time!!

By aimmasu
What fun-A surprise and thoroughly enjoyable-though crass at times its endearing and charming story of friendship rings true!...

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Rated R | For Language, Strong Sexual Content and Some Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Silly phone sex comedy is lighthearted but crude.
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