Great mindless entertainment

By akbassett40
Written February 15, 2008
My wife and I enjoyed this romantic comedy from beginning to end. Our idea of entertainment when deciding what to see was something light and mindless, and this was a perfect movie for that expectation. If looking for a riveting, oscar-worthy flick, I would not recommend this movie, but for those seeking a brief reprieve from reality this is a great film.
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Much Better Than Expected

By buckeyecamper
Written February 07, 2008
I thought this would basically be a simple chick flick love story with enough action and adventure to get guys to the theater. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very funny movie with even some touching moments. There were some rough edges that made me curious as to why it was still PG-13, but it was still a relatively good movie for adults. Well done.
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Good Fun

By moms_perspective
Written March 31, 2008
My husband nd i decided to see a movie at the last minute. The kids were with their grandparents and we just wanted see something fun. This is a fun movie. We loved the cast chemistry and the laughs it brought. If you just want a fun movie, not mcu brain power required this is definately a good choice. Oh and BTW - the treasure plot was one of the best we have seen
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Great on a date!

By derf79
Written February 09, 2008
Just came back from watching it at the theaters. The only downside to the entire experience was the ten dollars for a coke and a popcorn. Pros: -The movie was fun and entertaining. Matt and Kate remind me of the chemistry between her mother and Kurt Russell back in the Eighties/Nineties. -There were many laughs and moments of actual suspense, so it did provide the roller coaster of emotions that every good movie should have. -The scenery was breathtaking. Cons: -I wasn't too fond of the BiggBunny character (think Kanye West gone bad) as it could've been played by a more convincing bad guy. Why would a rapper turned multi-millionaire who owns his own island and rum distillery care about some treasure worth a third of his own wealth? -The annoying daughter of the millionaire was plenty nice to look at but not someone you see as a hero towards the end of the film. I found myself not liking her character enough to take her seriously.
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By cycloner3000
Written February 07, 2008
I saw a sneak peak of it and it is better than into the blue it is a must see you got to see it be there as early as you can because this movie is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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