FOOD INC. - very palatable movie! Rating: 88 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Written July 30, 2009
Weeks ago I attended the advance press preview of this well-made illuminating documentary. FOOD INC. is a expose on the American food production industry and process - heavy focus on the beef, poultry, soy and corn production while tying-in how the restrictive (our US government's) USDA and FDA's regulations AND politics affects our food and agricultural production practices. There are many unsavory moments in the movie but the truth does hurt AND enlighten - cows and pigs mistreated; genetically-engineered chicken cooped-up in hot and crowded chicken houses; huge food and chemical conglomerates' under-handed business tactics; etc. And balancing all that are interviews with various authors and 'green'-activists plus a remarkably blunt upfront mesmerizing farmer, Joel Salatin - whose humor, philosophies and business practices are laudably admirable. If you care about your health and what you eat - GO SEE this important life-changing movie. Actual GRADE: B-PLUS
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Food, Inc. - A Must on your Shopping List

By PrinceAndTheRevolution
Written June 24, 2009
"Food, Inc." is excellent! A documentary that is thought-provoking, enlightening and, most of all, disturbing (scary might even be a better description). I can't imagine anyone would see this film and not look at grocery shopping and the food industry in a completely different way. "Food, Inc." pulls back the curtain on how our food makes it's way to the dinner table - especially focusing on how it's grown, processed, manufactured and marketed to consumers. So many of us take for granted all of the food available to us, but don't seem to care much about its impact on our economy, our health or our planet. This documentary strives to encourage more people to take action the next time they're at the checkout stand. We need to ask more questions and demand higher standards from the food industry regarding the quality, safety and sustainability of our food supply. Anyone who eats should see this film!
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Food, Inc.

By afisher333
Written July 01, 2009
This movie shows clearly what the few multinational corporations controlling virtually all of our food production do NOT want the public to see or know about: - How unlike the picture of the nice, rural family farm on so many food packages the actual production of our food is, and how much closer to a factory assemply line. - Chicken mass producers are forced deeper and deeper into debt. - How dirty, unsanitary, and disease prone - especially ecoli - these huge factory farms for beef, pork, and chickens are - How corn has been developed and now is included in over 75% of our processed food - How McDonalds and now most of the food industry hire cheap minority (and now illegal immigrant) help to do the same simple task over and over again - biologically developed seeds "owned" by Monsanto place formerly friendly neighbor farmers against each other - How much power we consumers DO have through our choices of what to buy
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By qqaazz
Written July 04, 2009
FOOD INC. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer -- it's going by fast! but not as fast as one of the most important movies of the past decade got thrown out of syndicated theatres: that's right: Food Inc. Do whatever you have to do to see this film, immediately. Skip lunch! Just 10 days ago I saw Food Inc at a large mall theatre in San Jose, a packed house. Gone in 4 days from all theatres! Control of media? I was astounded! Here was the most graphic expose' I had ever seen of the exact material contained in my nutrition seminars for the past 4 years, except this wasn't at some hotel meeting space. No, this was big time media, general public. About how Agribusiness has replaced agriculture, about corporate control of the means of plant and animal food production, and the facilities and techniques they have to employ for such massive operations- the way cows, chickens, hogs, turkeys, etc are treated and the drugs they use --DR T thedoctorwithin
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By boulder4552
Written July 15, 2009
Having grown up in a farming family I know that this does happen, there is no denying it. Yet many farmers are forced to do this because they either produce cheaper and faster products or declare bankruptcy. My family eats our own products because they are healthy and of great quality. As proof I have only been to the hospital twice for emergencies in 24 years. Only until recent years has my family made a profit off our produce. We have had to rely on the government for help because we can't charge more for our food or we are called "evil", "greedy", or "trying to starve the world". So when it really comes down to it. PAY MORE for your FOOD so we can buy better machines and technologies for efficiency and better quality food for our livestock because in the end it is you that has to deal with it.
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