Focus on the Family presents Irreplaceable Synopsis
Experts from around the world discuss what defines a family. Host: Tim Sisarich.

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By davant551
Outstanding documentary of the family! Moving and compelling!...

The Family our Society

By brianscottphillips
The Family; Dad, Mom, children together. This is the key building block to a healthy society. The state is not the answer the traditional family is. Irreplaceable conveys this point with excellence...


By ljb74
informative and well orginized. took my 15 yr old daughter and found her to be very receptive. Being at the early stages of dating it will give us a lot to refer back to in future conversations. I...

By t1gers46
Very well done and thought provoking. I hope it reaches a wider audience because this documentary provides information that matters to more than just a Christian audience....

Sorrowful but Necessary

By benjaminwaynelewis
This movie was so hard to watch. The broken and hurt that exists in the world today because our selfishness and lack of attention to marriage and family is startling. but at the same time it is...

Great film

By teresazachary
I actually purchased tickets for 8 people, and am glad I did. This film was an insightful and non-inflammatory look at some of the cultural shifts affecting marriage, children, parenting, and dating...


By tutucarter1934
Every father should see this movie with his children. It was very well done. It really touched home showing all the statistics as a result of "no father" figure in the home. I am so proud of my son ...

Will make you think

By Oriane
This will resonate with anyone who has been wondering what went wrong with our society. The film uses data, experts and personal stories to explain the cultural shifts in practices and attitudes...


By totnj530
Great movie on dealing with contemporary issues that are confusing or nation....


By sallyjoroorda
Even if you are a Christian or not, this film is something everyone should see. It is an encouragement to us about our role in society and what part we have to play. A must see movie for everyone!...

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