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On few resources Flywheel is not limited

By nikolayevich
Written October 25, 2008
Flywheel may not immediately appeal to everyone as it is one of the lowest budgeted movies to make the big screen, however, I found that knowing how limited the funding was prior to watching it helped me to appreciate the effort to a much greater degree. The camera work is surprisingly fluid, acting is enjoyable with a likable cast and the musical score is memorable and complimentary to the film. The writing is clever and simple and the story of the dangers of dishonest gain is a reminder that far from being about "that guy" who is always deceitful and serves his own self-interest, without Christ, we are as that crooked car salesman serving ourselves and dishonoring others. Only in coming to repentance and faith in Jesus is he even capable of transforming, and far from doing it himself God works out the details and is truly sovereign. I gave this show a "Go" rather than a "Must Go" only because I feel the Gospel presentation was not as strong as it is in Fireproof, but is worth seeing.
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Flywheel review

By David_Osborne1
Written September 19, 2011
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