Outstanding Film

By Blinkie Dog
Written October 13, 2011
This movie significantly exceeded my expectations - phenomenal both as a mystery and comedy. Smart & funny film with an amazing story line. The trailer substantially undersells the movie. One of the best movies I have seen in years and one of my favorite movies of all time (Big Trouble in Little China, Long Kiss Goodnight, Gross Pointe Blank, Zero Effect, Payback, My Chauffeur, Miracles, Flypaper). This is what I do not get. Most movies are no good. Major studios churn out stories that are so predictable & boring - 5 min or a preview and no point to watch further. IFC films are generally dull with self-absorbed characters. E.g., Catfish was mind-numbingly terrible. Flypaper comes along and delivers an interesting, unpredictable story and is hilarious. Then, the critics pan the movie? A zero from Una? Really? Really?? Only logical explanation is that elitist critics have a bias against films which include certain flavors of politically incorrect humor. Thank you elitist critics
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my honest opinion :)

By jellyeatndino
Written March 24, 2012
This is my all-time fav. movie! if your into a funny action and mystery pacted movie then this is your movie. This movie makes you think and it make you question certain things. its hilarious because of the 2 hillbilies robing that bank and you have patrick dempsey in they movie playing an ADD person without meds.GO WATCH IT!!
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By glorua
Written September 19, 2011
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