Fly Me to the Moon 3-D Synopsis
Three young houseflies (Trevor Gagnon, Philip Daniel Bolden, David Gore) stow away on Apollo 11.
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A Definate Must See

By miaismia
I saw this movie and it is the best 3-D movie that I have ever seen. Even the blades of grass were in 3-D. I can't wait until it comes out so I can see it again. My grandkids loved it and said it was...

FLY ME TO THE MOON - the 3D FLY movie

By Critic-Cal
1st let me say... i do not have kids... so i do not have a kid mentality. that said, i was probably viewing this from a more technical aspect- i loved the 3D - the first bug that appears to come...

Fly Me To The Moon 3D

By nvanese
The best 3D film ever! A must see....


By justmovie
It was a cute adventure in 3-D....

Fly me to the moon, in 3D

By Jadeth
Okay guys. Quick answer. If you're looking for a movie experience where things just don't stop jumping out at the screen.....NOT the movie I'd recommend. If you want something cute and safe for...

Fascinating 3-D effects

By Gramtastic
The four children (ages 4-8) that I took to see the movie were thoroughly entertained for the entire time by the effects. Yeah, the plot was a little fragmented, no great moral dilemmas or surprise...

Great family time.

By arybal
I brought my 2 year old daughterto this movie the other day. She doesn't like to sit still very long, but she loved this movie! She sat down the whole time completely into the movie. Great story,...


I went with my daughter she's 2 yrs and seven months. I'm still trying to get her use sitting through a whole movie so, I did not see the whole thing. What I did see was interesting but, I'm not...

Great story base....

By denisio
I really enjoyed this movie. Overall it was worth the visit, but not the $2.50pp sur-charge for the 3D glasses Based on the actual first landing on the moon, I thought they did a great job on all...

Fly me to the moon

By ximeagu
It was funny and cute! my 4 years old like it a lot!...

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Rated G | For Violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Not even very young kids will be over the moon.
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