Flying Swords of Dragon Gate in IMAX 3D Synopsis
A freedom fighter, a female warrior, a corrupt eunuch and others converge at a desert outpost.

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3D at its best!

By siwamoto
This Tsui Hark is one of the best 3D movies I've seen. Every frame is composed in such a way that the depth and scope of the action is stunning. The cast headed by Jet Li is excellent. The movie is...

Read this before you go see this MUST-SEE movie

By taiwanrepublic
Please watch Dragon Inn (the one with Donnie Yen) produced in 1992. If you don't there will be some parts of Flying Swords you won't understand. This is considered a sequel to the 1992 film. The...

For Kung Fu Lovers Only!

By TDK in Dallas
If you like Kung Fu movies then do not miss seeing this in IMAX 3D. It is above average for a Kung Fu flick, but the experience at IMAX elevated the movie to a much higher level. Warning: the...

Best 3D Since Avatar

By garyplu
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate was breathtaking. The action was fantastic, and the 3D effects were the best since Avatar. (My friend, differs, he said it was better.) Never the less, you don't have to...


By dieselcity
Thanks to whoever spearheaded the movement to have this play in the US at select theaters. It was a blast to see - the IMAX/3D was ridiculous! The story is a bit convoluted, but that all ties in...


By Mac-Daddy
Because of the limited IMAX run, I saw it in Real3D but it didn't mater because the movie and 3D were awesome. The story had a few interesting plot twists and humorous moments but the action...

50% Good and 50% Bad

By El_Chulo_iMax
The Good: The way it started was pretty cool; great cinematography! The fighting scenes (martial arts) were AWESOME and unique! The comedy parts were hilarious! The Bad: The story was poorly...

Great action, confusing plot

By kurgan
The wire-fu action in 3D was a lot of fun. The plot and characters were overcomplicated for the length of the movie. I felt like there was a series of novels I should've read in order to really...


By yankeenatman
For those people who seen 'Hero', or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' will love this film. The effects are dazzling. My only tiny complaint is that its in subtitles. as you try to read and catch the...

By mrgunz
Saw it yesterday and was blown away. The action in 3d was amazing, you feel like your right in the midst of it all. My wife who generally hates these asian films w/ subtitles even left the theater...

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Rated R | For some violence