A Definate Must See

By miaismia
Written May 20, 2008
I saw this movie and it is the best 3-D movie that I have ever seen. Even the blades of grass were in 3-D. I can't wait until it comes out so I can see it again. My grandkids loved it and said it was their favorite movie of all time. Definately go and see it.
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FLY ME TO THE MOON - the 3D FLY movie

By Critic-Cal
Written June 26, 2008
1st let me say... i do not have kids... so i do not have a kid mentality. that said, i was probably viewing this from a more technical aspect- i loved the 3D - the first bug that appears to come almost right in front of your nose is so cute and enchanting. the wings. i was endlessly amazed at the detail and transparency of the wings. beautifully done who ever was in charge of the design of the wings!!!! bravo. five stars for that. there were a lot of wonderful things done regarding the animation and the incorporation of the 3D aspects. the humans in the film were painted way too smooth, that i found it a bit disturbing. the story... was not exhilarating for me. but i felt for children this is a way to introduce them to a historical moment in american culture and in an entertaining format. i am not sure the adults viewing this film will be as entertained as the children will be, but they will enjoy the 3D since that is not the norm for kiddie flicks.
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Fly Me To The Moon 3D

By nvanese
Written June 30, 2008
The best 3D film ever! A must see.
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By justmovie
Written August 16, 2008
It was a cute adventure in 3-D.
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Fly me to the moon, in 3D

By Jadeth
Written August 27, 2008
Okay guys. Quick answer. If you're looking for a movie experience where things just don't stop jumping out at the screen.....NOT the movie I'd recommend. If you want something cute and safe for kids with an edge of novelty, yeah, see it. Basically, the plot was fine, but the 3D wasn't as good as I was hoping for. It was cute, however, and had some funny moments. All in all (So-So) was my rating. Could have done better. Could have done worse. They kept it clean, which is always a plus for me.
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