By filmkate
Written September 13, 2008
FLOW is one of the most important films I've seen in years. I am taking all my firends and colleagues to see it this week. I can't believe people rated it No. My guess is Nestle posted these negative reviews in order to assure a small audience for this film which poses serious questions about the ways we consume our water. FLOW is a life changing film, interesting, immensely relevant to all of us and powerfully moving.
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FLOW - Background of the next world environental crisis and why we should care

By wildplaces
Written September 14, 2008
Excellent film with universal, international focus about why we should all care about protecting the water we drink and do something to help protect it. Spectacular cinematography with footage of recent water riots in Bolivia and small-scale water purfication projects in sub-saharan Africa An eye-opening and powerful film.
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By mexusmx
Written September 15, 2008
This is a great documentary that gets you thinking on so many levels. My kids (ages 10 and 11) were attentive and interested though not entertained (Penn and Teller scene notwithstanding). I would highly recommend this to all.
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That Nestle guy ...

By casper82884
Written September 15, 2008
I don't feel I am an adequate critique of documentaries as of yet but I am certain this movie is deserving of whatever awards it can receive. It is like disecting human kind and exposing our inner monsters. There is no understanding the "Psychopathic" nature of corporations like Nestle and most others but tis movie can either focus blame or induce action in the end some realize both choices are in our hands, only one will prove a worthy endeavor, and only one can change the course we are on.
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Must see

By sbm7
Written September 23, 2008
Everybody is responsible for what we are having and what problems we are going to encounter.
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