Addicts don't believe they have a problem...but they do.

By Squirrel Dude
Written September 02, 2014
"Flight" has a good cast of characters within it. Denzel Washington portrays a pilot (captain) who's quite believable -- especially, his alcohol and substance abuse problems. I can understand how scenes may show some lighthearted, even comical parts ( particularly with John Goodman); but I wasn't laughing, as many of the audience did. One may criticize me for being too serious; however, I watched a man with a serious alcohol / drug problem. As the film played out to the end; the acting was quite well done.
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I will buy this movie.

By dutch121
Written July 24, 2014
The opening sequence was INTENSE! The rest of the movie had me dying to know what came next. This movie is awesome. I may see it again in the theaters.
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Great Movie - Oscar Nomination

By levans72
Written November 28, 2014
This movie was outstanding.. Denzel can played an outstanding role. Must go see. Its a must see. Alcohol and Drugs will destroy you, family, job and friends. Must have for my collection.. tan
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Denzel is smack on and Zemeckis does a great job.

By Nacho Baggo
Written November 26, 2014
Lots of shock material in this film that will have you thinking about the movie for days. Denzel is completely engrossed in his character's struggles and that pulls you in. The writing is well thought through and makes everyone interesting. The plane crash is perfectly done. The final moments of the film give the best ending I have seen in a long time. Well done. Full price okay.
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Compelling film about addiction

By jr_sanford
Written September 23, 2014
Denzel Washington delivers yet another gripping performance as a successful airline pilot struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. The movie immediately starts out with full frontal nudity of a beautiful flight attendant and gratuitous poses. Denzel pulls this one off as a believable addict.
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