Written September 25, 2016
If you like the F word being constantly repeated, drinking constantly going on, narcotics constantly in play...............well, then..................you should like this movie. We went to see Denzel Washington, but would not have gone if we had known what was really the movie. was all about. Too bad you have to use F words, alcohol, and drugs to get the attention of todays public. J Dodd
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Worth a 60-mile round trip to the theater

By sophia633
Written June 29, 2016
The story here is important. From what I saw in the trailers, I thought the plot would have something to do with sabotage. It does, but not at all in the way I expected. The story may be fiction, but the truth in it is hard fact. This is serious drama with a heart, and a message that can save lives. You will hear a lot about Washington's performance--his power is awesome. He doesn't just play the role, he makes it come to life with a reality that hits hard. It was thrilling to watch him.
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Worst movie ever and completely inappropriate

By wheelergroup
Written November 19, 2012
Pointless nudity, chalked full of profanity, glamorizing drugs and alcohol (there's 1 minute of redemption at the end that doesn't make up for the other 2 hours) They make Christians look like crazies. I could go on, but it's not worth anyone's time. I'm disappointed with Denzel for participating in this trash. SKIP IT!!!!
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Flight = 5 Star Performances

By Pearlie Victorious
Written July 28, 2015
Didn't read any of the reviews or watch an previews beforehand. We went because of the actors (Denzel & Cheadle) and we were greatly surprised, not really surprised, but gratified by the quality of the production. The acting from all the characters was superb; the script is fantastic, as is the direction. It's a movie that deals with adult subject matter, quite contemporary and relevant, and the film expertly avoided a whole bunch of clichés, which it could've just as easily fallen prey to. A fabulous balance of pathos and humor; there wasn't an empty seat nor dry-eye in the house! The applause at the end said it all. Highly recommend it.
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Fantastic Flick!

By slojimfizz
Written September 28, 2016
Amazing scenes depicting the crash. I felt like I had been in a plane crash when I left the theater. very real. Top directing from Robert Zemeckis Great performances from Denzel and John Goodman. Definitely not for kids due to R rating (nudity and language). Very compelling. I forgot that I was in a movie. A must see!
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