Made me feel

By astrose00
Written May 25, 2016
Really good movie. Made me uncomfortable, mad, disgusted, sad. Well acted with an excellent cast. Very realistic and not a typical Hollywood ending, which I really appreciate. Sometimes the best ending isn't a happy ending.
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Denzel is the man....

By cat2
Written April 27, 2015
I usually avoid movies in which addiction serves as the underlying thread but this movie goes above and beyond this framework. Zemekis has finally arrived to deliver a visually stunning movie that keeps you literally on the edge of your seat. Everyone in this movie plays their role with such passion that you become immersed into the story heart, body and soul. Can the actions of a hero negate one's ability to betray the public's trust? Can one individual suffer so much at the hands of his "addiction" that his life propels forward with such inertia that it literally takes an act of God to make him realize that life is more than actions. Everyone should go see this movie for there are so many critical scenes that mere words can not do it justice.
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By schoharie
Written June 26, 2016
Although, at times, it was difficult to watch, we loved the movie. Denzel Washington did a superb job as an alcoholic struggling with his addiction. the story line was tense and moved rapidly. The acting was great.....John Goodman, at times, "steals the show". The subject matter was a little different than what we have been used to and I felt it was handled delicately. All the actors played their roles with great sensitivity, never over acted....yet made you feel that you were part of their issues. I felt the special effects were realistic as well..the scenes in the plane during the turbulence were felt by everyone in the audience...not a sound could be heard! Bravo for the cast, crew and everyone involved with this is worth seeing....great thriller/drama! This is an adult film, definitely not for children...subject matter can be thought to be hard core and tough to watch at times....although its content is an important and integral part of the plot.
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By chucksammis
Written August 05, 2015
Once again Denzel Washington shows his ability to take on another dramatic role superbly. This is much less the story of an airplane disaster and much more a story of a man fighting his inner daemons, many times. It's tense, at times frightening and riveting, and at times injected with humor to bring it out of the darkness. John Goodman plays the comic relief and the drug supplier to a scary reality. The metaphor of an airplane in a headlong spiral and the pilot's life in a similar spiral is not missed. ‘Flight’ is another excellent vehicle for its star with a gripping ending. It's at least a go and for Washington fans, a must go!
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By jmccormick24
Written November 04, 2012
Denzel Washington at his best! He played any kind of character you wanted to see; a charismatic pilot, a drunk, a lover, a fighter, etc! Absolutely awesome performance!
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