By mmit911
Written April 23, 2017
I was so anxious to see this because of Denzel Washington who has made so many great movies, and then with all the drugs, sex, etc. etc. so filtered through this movie, and regardless if the moviemakers were trying to make a statement regarding who was responsible or not about the flight accident, and then finalizing the accident not caused by the drugs Denzel so addictive big time,PLUS the sexual scenes, language (can it ever be done without the "F" word?) was overwhelming big time. I was so sorry I spent the $$ to see this, and was truly surprised (in a very disappointing way) that Denzel made such a movie!
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Review For "Flight"

By Linda007
Written May 02, 2016
Boy - I really liked this movie. I only wish that alcoholics (both men and women) would just go see this movie, pay attention to it and see how their lives are just like this pilot's life - empty, and just "living for the ever mighty bottle". That bottle has the power to wreck your lives - it causes marriages and other relationships to break up, costs so much money to drink that people lose their houses, furniture, etc. I hope and pray that people all over this country that have major, major drinking problems., (i.e., they can't get out of bed without having a drink, they can't function or walk or talk without having a drink) - I hope they see this movie, and a big, big lightbulb goes off in their head and they "see the light" about how they are hurting themselves and others by drinking so much or by drinking at all. Denzel Washington played this part very well.
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Denzel is awesome

By lavette
Written December 10, 2016
Another great movie starred by Denzel Washington. Once again Denzel portrays a hero character but this time he is plagued with addictions. I would not recommend this movie for children, as there are adult situations being dealt with. This is an awesome movie that makes you think, laugh and cry. You will root for Denzel and be disappointed by some of his decisions. In the end he comes full circle and is truly the hero we all expect him to be.
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By esproles
Written January 17, 2017
We loved it! My guy did not disappoint at all. The ending surprised me, but I love it when it's not predictable.. You do pull for him though through out the movie hoping he can get it together.. The ending is powerful.
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By chucksammis
Written May 27, 2017
Once again Denzel Washington shows his ability to take on another dramatic role superbly. This is much less the story of an airplane disaster and much more a story of a man fighting his inner daemons, many times. It's tense, at times frightening and riveting, and at times injected with humor to bring it out of the darkness. John Goodman plays the comic relief and the drug supplier to a scary reality. The metaphor of an airplane in a headlong spiral and the pilot's life in a similar spiral is not missed. ‘Flight’ is another excellent vehicle for its star with a gripping ending. It's at least a go and for Washington fans, a must go!
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