By jmccormick24
Written November 04, 2012
Denzel Washington at his best! He played any kind of character you wanted to see; a charismatic pilot, a drunk, a lover, a fighter, etc! Absolutely awesome performance!
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By NSF78
Written September 16, 2014
Denzel showed a side to his self that was so different. then anything he has ever done before ever. this movie is great it's a must go see. four stars for denzel hand's down. he came with it in this movie. it was a wonderful movie from start to finish go see it go go go
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Made me feel

By astrose00
Written May 04, 2015
Really good movie. Made me uncomfortable, mad, disgusted, sad. Well acted with an excellent cast. Very realistic and not a typical Hollywood ending, which I really appreciate. Sometimes the best ending isn't a happy ending.
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Excellent movie - a must see!

By jcezair
Written May 03, 2015
This is what character acting is all about - rooting for the star, hoping for him, agonziing in his choices.....Brilliantly acted! However, I don't know if anyone would have made the choice he did if it were real life. The ending was kinda lame but I don't care! - it's Denzel!
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By schoharie
Written December 17, 2014
Although, at times, it was difficult to watch, we loved the movie. Denzel Washington did a superb job as an alcoholic struggling with his addiction. the story line was tense and moved rapidly. The acting was great.....John Goodman, at times, "steals the show". The subject matter was a little different than what we have been used to and I felt it was handled delicately. All the actors played their roles with great sensitivity, never over acted....yet made you feel that you were part of their issues. I felt the special effects were realistic as well..the scenes in the plane during the turbulence were felt by everyone in the audience...not a sound could be heard! Bravo for the cast, crew and everyone involved with this film....it is worth seeing....great thriller/drama! This is an adult film, definitely not for children...subject matter can be thought to be hard core and tough to watch at times....although its content is an important and integral part of the plot.
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