Flight - Soaring Above The Rest

By Darkola
Written January 16, 2017
I am going to start off by saying, the only little thing I didnt like about this movie, which is based more now on me being older, and having a wife with me, is the very beginning where they had him in the room with another lady who was running around completely naked from head to toe. That showing did not help the movie at all, if anything it put a negative in somes minds. The rest of the the movie was Oscar material all the way. The story was a great story, and it dealt with so much more then just a pilots instincts on maneuvering a plane thats malfunctioning, it deals with different people surrounding the pilots life, and it ties it all together in great format. The acting is also top notch throughout, Danzel shows that he is one of Hollywoods top actors as far as I am concerned, and all the other actors surrounding him in this were top notch. The filming was better then I imagined, the way they showed the plane crash was very believable. I'd give this 4 of 4 stars, Enjoy :)
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Great drama about Drug & Alcohol Abuse

By pedsarq
Written February 26, 2017
I didn't know anything about this movie and was totally surprised to find out that it is about the perils of drug use and alcoholism. Washington plays a highly functional and talented pilot who saves the day. As the audience, we know from the very first frames of this movie that he's an addict of the worst kind, a real party animal. "I drink because I want to," he exclaims repeatedly. Well, there's a terrible plane accident and all indication is that he was a hero and actually saved more lives that anyone else could have. But, does that make it right that he was drunk on vodka and cocaine while flying? The movie does an admirable job of weighing the pros and cons of his actions. But because he can't stop, his destiny is predictable.
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By mattp1540
Written December 06, 2016
Brilliant. Denzel is the Kung-Fu master of acting. John Goodman is stupendous once again. James Badge Dale is an up-and-coming talent who reminds me of a young Deniro (Mean Streets or Taxi Driver). Some massive talent in this flick and the story line --they're gonna be showing this movie at AA meetings and piloting seminars for decades. Just awesome.
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Outstanding! Amazing!

By CTronge
Written March 23, 2017
I have NEVER seen a more amazing movie in my life! Denzel gives the performance of his life. This movie was amazingly complex and simple all at the same time. The acting, script, cinematography and effects were ABOVE what I could have even imagined.
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Bumpy Ride

By MedRed
Written April 23, 2017
Flight wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The heart of the movie is one man's struggle with substance abuse. It starts off very well with a flight scene not for the faint of heart. The movie drags in the middle and stitches together some oddly fitting pieces to create a love interest. The ending is as good as the beginning, and makes up for the slow middle of the movie. That being said, this movie didn't resonate as well with me as it might with others. There are probably a lot of people that can relate to the main characters situation. For those, this will be a very powerful movie. P.S. If you have a fear of flying, you may never fly again after watching this movie.
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