What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this Chevy Chase classic came out just one year after the PG-13 rating was instituted, so although it's rated PG, today it would probably merit a PG-13 for its language ("bitch," "s--t," and many words starting with "ass"), sexual innuendo, and mild violence. As an investigative reporter, Fletch is a "master of disguise" who impersonates various people to gain information. The situations he gets himself into are funny and, for the most part, harmless.
  • Families can talk about whether it's OK to lie and pretend you're someone else if you're an undercover reporter. Should Fletch have told Alan's wife about his plan earlier? Which disguise of Fletch's is the funniest? How does Chevy Chase's comedy stylings compare with Will Ferrell's? What are the signs that this is an '80s comedy and not one from this decade? Which comedians are enjoyed by the whole family? Why?
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