Thoughtful, engaging - invites the audience to participate

By Hummingbird 5
Written January 22, 2007

It's not action in terms of HOllywood, its about relationships...its leaves much for you to interpret and thus makes the movie more universal.

Way to go to this filmmaker for doing something thought provoking and different.

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Flannel Pajamas

Written January 15, 2007
Flannel Pajamas was a must see for anyone who has been, or is, in love. The variety of powerful and awkward emotions that we go through in relationships (husband-wife, brother-brother, sister-sister, husband-mother-in-law, father-son) swirls through the dialogue and your heart as you watch this movie. So few movies actually create an experience in the viewer. This movie did it in many ways through phenomenal acting and writing.
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A Little Movie that Roars

By Demondiary
Written February 19, 2007
Flannel Pajamas is an honest film about the stages of a relationship. It introduces us to Nicole and Justin, and we see them develop and learn about them through their friends and family. Both Justin Kirk and Julianne Nicholson performances draw you into the film. The film made me happy, mad, sad an so many other emotions. There is a great deal of nudity in the film, but it is done tastefully and fits the story. SPOILER: The first hour of this film was some of the romantic things I've seen on screen. The second hour devastated me in it's honesty and hurtfulness. FP's has an ending, but it is not a Hollywood one. As i write this I'm checking my schedule to see when I can see it again. It stays with you like only the best films can do.
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Real Life Pajamas

By FlickaChicka
Written January 20, 2007
How often do you see a relationship in a movie that is represented realistically? More often than not, you see the events leading up to it... they kiss... you know they'll be together... and the movie's over. Sigh. This time you see it all -- beginning, middle, end. There's a really nice contemplative feeling to watching the entire cycle of a relationship. It's not easy -- especially if you've experienced the ending of one recently. But I came away from this movie with the feeling that I'd had a genuine exchange with someone, not a surface conversation. I like that everyone I've talked with about it... had something to say. And everyone's opinion and perspective was VERY different. And there's nakedness in it (on various levels) ;-). Nakedness that isn't Hollywood glossy. It's like real life. Go into it expecting a mellow pace, and you'll be enriched.
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