Flamenco, Flamenco Synopsis
The history and traditions of flamenco music and dance.

Movie Reviews


By bniforth
This is a visually stunning film. I'm not really a fan of dance, and I only have a passing knowledge of Fado and flamenco, but I loved this film. There is no dialogue and the director made a...

True to the mold

By par12ker
I've watched Carlos Saura films since "Blood Wedding" You can repeat the style, but the pleasure of watching never goes away. Some of the players/dancers/musicians appear repeatedly over the years....

Visually OK, but overall boring for 1+ hrs of tapping and mumbling!

By goldlizsts
It's a documentary, so I presume it was to highlight flamenco. We must have been shown at least a dozen such song-dance sequences. O yeah, the guitar playing was good, the flying arms were good to...