Fisher Stevens
Date of Birth
Nov 27, 1963
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Bill Murray Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Bob Balaban Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Tom Wilkinson Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Jude Law Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Edward Norton Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Owen Wilson Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Tilda Swinton Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Willem Dafoe Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Adrien Brody Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 F. Murray Abraham Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Harvey Keitel Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Jeff Goldblum Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Ralph Fiennes Grand Budapest Hotel
2012 Gina Gershon LOL
2012 Marlo Thomas LOL
2012 Demi Moore LOL
2012 Debbie Reynolds One for the Money
2012 John Leguizamo One for the Money
2010 Adrien Brody The Experiment
2010 Forest Whitaker The Experiment
2010 Robert Loggia Fake
2010 James Caan Henry's Crime
2010 Peter Stormare Henry's Crime
2010 Keanu Reeves Henry's Crime
2010 Bill Duke Henry's Crime
2010 Charlotte Rampling Rio Sex Comedy
2010 Bill Pullman Rio Sex Comedy
2010 Irène Jacob Rio Sex Comedy
2010 Barry Corbin Rising Stars
2008 Terry O'Quinn Lost: Season 04
2008 Jeff Fahey Lost: Season 04
2008 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Lost: Season 04
2008 Jeremy Davies Lost: Season 04
2007 Arliss Howard Awake
2007 Terrence Howard Awake
2007 Lena Olin Awake
2007 Christopher McDonald Awake
2006 Tim Allen Fired!
2006 Illeana Douglas Fired!
2006 Tate Donovan Fired!
2006 Bob Odenkirk Fired!
2006 Harry Shearer Fired!
2006 Anne Meara Fired!
2006 Fred Willard Fired!
2006 Lois Chiles Kettle of Fish
2006 Gina Gershon Kettle of Fish
2006 Kevin J. O'Connor Kettle of Fish
2006 Matthew Modine Kettle of Fish
2006 Joe Pantoliano ...So Goes the Nation
2006 Brendan Fraser ...So Goes the Nation
2006 Matt Dillon ...So Goes the Nation
2006 Steve Buscemi ...So Goes the Nation
2006 Hilary Swank ...So Goes the Nation
2005 Lili Taylor Factotum
2005 Marisa Tomei Factotum
2005 Matt Dillon Factotum
2005 Carrie Fisher Undiscovered
2005 Peter Weller Undiscovered
2003 Jason Biggs Anything Else
2003 Christina Ricci Anything Else
2003 Woody Allen Anything Else
2003 Danny DeVito Anything Else
2003 Stockard Channing Anything Else
2003 Glenn Close Anything Else
2003 James Belushi Easy Six
2003 Julian Sands Easy Six
2003 John Savage Easy Six
2002 James Woods Daria: Is It College Yet?
2002 Ving Rhames Undisputed
2002 Peter Falk Undisputed
2002 Michael Rooker Undisputed
2002 Wesley Snipes Undisputed
2001 Pam Grier 3 A.M.
2001 Danny Glover 3 A.M.
2001 Spike Lee 3 A.M.
2001 René Auberjonois Frasier: The Wizard and Roz
2001 Mandy Patinkin Piñero
2001 Benjamin Bratt Piñero
2001 Griffin Dunne Piñero
2001 Robert Klein Piñero
2001 Giancarlo Esposito Piñero
2001 Rita Moreno Piñero
2000 Maria Bello Sam the Man
2000 Rob Morrow Sam the Man
2000 George Plimpton Sam the Man
2000 Ron Rifkin Sam the Man
2000 Luis Guzman Sam the Man
2000 Griffin Dunne Sam the Man
2000 Annabella Sciorra Sam the Man
1998 Tony Shalhoub The Tic Code
1998 Carol Kane The Tic Code
1998 Gregory Hines The Tic Code
1997 Fernanda Montenegro Four Days in September
1997 Alan Arkin Four Days in September
1996 Amanda Plummer The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Christopher Lloyd The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Patrick Dempsey The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Laura San Giacomo The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Judge Reinhold The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Carl Reiner The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Robert Loggia The Right to Remain Silent
1996 Lea Thompson The Right to Remain Silent
1995 Lili Taylor Cold Fever
1995 Seijun Suzuki Cold Fever
1995 Brenda Vaccaro Friends: The One With the Boobies
1995 Robert Costanzo Friends: The One With the Boobies
1995 Lee Garlington Friends: The One With the Boobies
1995 Angelina Jolie Hackers
1995 Felicity Huffman Hackers
1995 Jonny Lee Miller Hackers
1995 Lorraine Bracco Hackers
1995 Illeana Douglas Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1995 Andre Braugher Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1995 Richard Belzer Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1995 Melissa Leo Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1995 Yaphet Kotto Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1995 Max Perlich Homicide: Life on the Street: Autofocus
1994 Robert Downey, Jr. Just in Time
1994 Bonnie Hunt Just in Time
1994 Billy Zane Just in Time
1994 Marisa Tomei Just in Time
1994 Laura San Giacomo Nina Takes a Lover
1994 Michael O'Keefe Nina Takes a Lover
1994 Robert Downey, Jr. Only You
1994 Marisa Tomei Only You
1994 Billy Zane Only You
1994 Bonnie Hunt Only You
1993 John Leguizamo Super Mario Bros.
1993 Lance Henriksen Super Mario Bros.
1993 Mali Finn Super Mario Bros.
1993 Dennis Hopper Super Mario Bros.
1993 Fiona Shaw Super Mario Bros.
1993 Dan Castellaneta Super Mario Bros.
1993 Samantha Mathis Super Mario Bros.
1993 Bob Hoskins Super Mario Bros.
1993 Rae Dawn Chong When the Party's Over
1993 Sandra Bullock When the Party's Over
1992 Bob Balaban Bob Roberts
1992 Ray Wise Bob Roberts
1992 Lynne Thigpen Bob Roberts
1992 Brian Doyle-Murray Bob Roberts
1992 Helen Hunt Bob Roberts
1992 Pamela Reed Bob Roberts
1992 Tim Robbins Bob Roberts
1992 John Cusack Bob Roberts
1992 David Strathairn Bob Roberts
1992 Giancarlo Esposito Bob Roberts
1992 Peter Gallagher Bob Roberts
1992 Gore Vidal Bob Roberts
1992 Jack Black Bob Roberts
1992 Fred Ward Bob Roberts
1992 Susan Sarandon Bob Roberts
1992 Alan Rickman Bob Roberts
1992 James Spader Bob Roberts
1992 Warren Berlinger Hero
1992 Geena Davis Hero
1992 Joan Cusack Hero
1992 Tom Arnold Hero
1992 Maury Chaykin Hero
1992 Stephen Tobolowsky Hero
1992 Andy Garcia Hero
1992 Juliet Taylor Hero
1992 Dustin Hoffman Hero
1992 Janis Paige Hero
1992 Kevin J. O'Connor Hero
1992 Edward Herrmann Hero
1991 Paul Reiser The Marrying Man
1991 Elisabeth Shue The Marrying Man
1991 Robert Loggia The Marrying Man
1991 Armand Assante The Marrying Man
1991 Kim Basinger The Marrying Man
1991 Alec Baldwin The Marrying Man
1991 Ethan Hawke Mystery Date
1990 John Savage Point of View
1990 Christine Baranski Reversal of Fortune
1990 Julie Hagerty Reversal of Fortune
1990 J.D. Cullum Reversal of Fortune
1990 Glenn Close Reversal of Fortune
1990 Ron Silver Reversal of Fortune
1990 Annabella Sciorra Reversal of Fortune
1990 Felicity Huffman Reversal of Fortune
1990 Jeremy Irons Reversal of Fortune
1989 Esai Morales Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Anita Morris Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Randy Quaid Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Louis Zorich Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Madonna Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Stephen McHattie Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Matt Dillon Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Steve Buscemi Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Rutger Hauer Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Jennifer Grey Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Julie Hagerty Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Peter Falk Columbo: Murder, Smoke and Shadows
1989 John Savage Point of View
1988 Michael McKean Short Circuit 2
1988 Jack Weston Short Circuit 2
1986 Christopher Plummer The Boss' Wife
1986 Lou Jacobi The Boss' Wife
1986 Robert Costanzo The Boss' Wife
1986 Daniel Stern The Boss' Wife
1986 Martin Mull The Boss' Wife
1986 G.W. Bailey Short Circuit
1986 Ally Sheedy Short Circuit
1986 Ray Sharkey Short Circuit
1986 Steve Guttenberg Short Circuit
1985 Raphael Sbarge My Science Project
1985 Dennis Hopper My Science Project
1985 Ann Wedgeworth My Science Project
1985 Barry Corbin My Science Project
1985 Robert DoQui My Science Project
1985 Richard Masur My Science Project
1984 John Sayles The Brother from Another Planet
1984 Joe Morton The Brother from Another Planet
1984 Caroline Aaron The Brother from Another Planet
1984 David Strathairn The Brother from Another Planet
1984 Hector Elizondo The Flamingo Kid
1984 Matt Dillon The Flamingo Kid
1984 Bronson Pinchot The Flamingo Kid
1984 John Turturro The Flamingo Kid
1984 Richard Crenna The Flamingo Kid
1984 Jessica Walter The Flamingo Kid
1984 Marisa Tomei The Flamingo Kid
1984 Steven Weber The Flamingo Kid
1983 Matthew Modine Baby It's You
1983 Frank Vincent Baby It's You
1983 Vincent Spano Baby It's You
1983 Caroline Aaron Baby It's You
1983 Rosanna Arquette Baby It's You
1983 Robert Downey, Jr. Baby It's You
1981 Jason Alexander The Burning
1981 Holly Hunter The Burning
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