By LaneyDawson
Written September 24, 2008
This movie was excellent. It is a must see for all. My husband and I were lucky enough to win tickets to a prescreening at the Monaco. We enjoyed it so much, we are planning on seeing it again. At times you laugh, at times you cry, but both are good. If all marriages were Christ based the divorce rate would be lower. It makes you treasure your Christian spouse. This movie is awesome. Everyone needs to see it! It is a great date movie for you and your spouse. I give it an A+ rating. I hope the number of viewers opening weekend is enough to keep it in theaters for a while.
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By ARmom5
Written September 25, 2008
Wow! What a fantastic movie this is! My husband and I watched it with a select group of invited people before it came out in the theatre for general admission. We loved it and are urging all of our friends to see it. It is funny, action-packed and touching. Every married or engaged or seriously dating couple should see this movie. You won't regret it.
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By richanddee2002
Written September 26, 2008
Followers of Jesus UNITE ! We need to show a great opening weekend money maker so this film will be released to more cities. Dr. Dobson, Focus on the Family radio program features the film makers and Kirk Cameron telling the incredible story of how this film came to be. Hear it online. Please support this film. My husband and I plan to see this movie at least twice this weekend and will also invite all our friends. God bless you!
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It's real

By grizzly43
Written October 06, 2014
It's real life...not underdone and not overdone...... Very refreshing. If critics don't like it, then consider the source...
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fire proof

By gmac110
Written September 24, 2008
An incredible movie about marriage and the struggles that come with it. Hit home. Every married couple ought to go see it. It is worth it.
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