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By everyweek60706
Written April 06, 2014
This is just one take on a very fascinating story. The detective work to reveal an almost reclusive person is a multi-faceted story in itself. This director focuses more on her life and origins and her work as a nanny. Another account focused on the cameras she used and how she apparently decided to get more involved using a particular Roliflex. One of the first things that attracted me to this story was seeing an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center that included an Exacta camera identical to one my grandfather gave me. I saw this movie in a theater in one of the neighborhoods she served as a nanny. In fact she apparently lived in one of my neighborhoods, even next door. Connections like this no doubt helped fill the theater, but her photos seem to have universal appeal. The interviews with the children she helped raise are often funny and touching, but sometimes disturbing as well. Central to this humor is these families trusted their children to this wacky lady. Go see!
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By tfcoleman
Written May 22, 2014
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By devinanding
Written May 11, 2014
I loved it! I really liked learning more about the artist, and seeing some insight into her work. I hope to see her photos in a gallery next time they're in my city. Great documentary! Go see it.
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By nataliej68
Written May 18, 2014
Amazing story, amazing photography. I highly recommend this
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By fieldsaj
Written March 28, 2014
If you are familiar with her story, a must see.
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