Finding Vivian Maier Synopsis
The life and work of career nanny Vivian Maier and her amazing collection of 100,000 photographs.
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By everyweek60706
This is just one take on a very fascinating story. The detective work to reveal an almost reclusive person is a multi-faceted story in itself. This director focuses more on her life and origins and...

Terribly One-Sided

By bmsnow521


By rich131
Proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction, Finding Vivian Maier is a totally engrossing, beautifully shot and edited film that raises as many questions as it answers about the hitherto...

So interesting

By moniquerinere
If you are even vaguely interested in puzzles and in photography, this is a good movie for you. Intensely intriguing subject. And the photography, which I wish we could've seen even more of, was...

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By tfcoleman
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By fieldsaj
If you are familiar with her story, a must see....

By nataliej68
Amazing story, amazing photography. I highly recommend this...

Editor.....Please cut!

By sflax28
Should have been a coffee table book or an hour human interest piece....way too long....

By stylistajonas
Great documentary !!...

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