Finding Noah (2015) Synopsis
Fathom Events is partnering with 17K ASL, Fly Propeller, and Alchemy to bring the thrilling unprecedented documentary Finding Noah to select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, October 8 for a special one-night event.
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Finding Noah

By ruthschwab21
Excellent movie! The cinematography was wonderful - absolutely beautiful! I think adults of any age would enjoy this and it is suitable for children. History and prophecy buffs will especially...

Honest Documentary

By niroja
This showed the real life risks, disappointments and the surprising rewards of what some might consider failure. I didn't consider their work a failure because they gained knowledge about the goal...

Very disappointed.

By scottashley1
Randall Price does good work as an author and archaeologist, so I was looking forward to this movie based on his reputation. And the title "Finding Noah" offered promise. Sadly, it was a huge...

Excellent New Documentary!

By manvsarchaeology
For over 2,000 years, man has been searching for the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. Though there have been many attempts, few have been able to fully explore the one place specifically noted in...

Intense dedication to finding an answer

By lelikes3880
The participants had an intense dedication to finding an answer to existence of the ark! I believe they will continue returning to the mountain until an answer is discovered....

Finding Noah

By bruce855
Disappointing. Expectations from promos promised a lot more....

Finding Noah

By 777jay
Thought it was good even though they haven't located the ark yet. The movie was well done and interesting. It showed the difficulty of the task at hand. In addition, did good brief of the...

Not worth the money

By reo58
Ok movie, not worth the money...

Finding Noah

By hsimpson203
Very intriguing and interesting documentary style show!...

Finding Noah

By bdhoward98
I really enjoyed this documentary. I think it is important for people to remember this when deciding to go and especially when considering taking children. Only a parent can decide how content...

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