• Released
  • May 30, 2003
  • (3D re-elease date 9/14/12)
  • G , 1 hr 40 min
  • Action/Adventure

Underwater has never been so fun!

By Dominic LeRose
Written August 03, 2014
Marine life in cinema is very hard to capture in order to make a beautiful film with gorgeous beauty. Animation is the perfect way to show a delightful story and capture the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the great barrier reef. "Finding Nemo" is a wonderful story about a clown fish named Nemo who on his first day of school disobeys his father Marlin and is captured by scuba divers to be put in a fish tank. Marlin now goes on a morally obligated quest to find his son with the help of an odd Blue Tang named Dori. The two go through some difficult adventures including escaping from huge sharks, poisonous jellyfish, a whale, sea gulls, rude fish and an angler fish. The two also enjoy themselves between their near death experiences by hanging with some chill sea turtles. As Nemo is separated from his father, he realizes how much he is saddened by being separated by his dad physically and emotionally. Marlin and Dori also use teamwork in many situations which can be used as a teaching skill to children. Teamwork is shown by the fish Nemo encounters when he is placed in a fish tank in a dental office in Australia and how they all work together to escape. Marlin and Dori of course work togtehr to survive the dangers of the ocean and finding Nemo. Children should also pay attention to what disobeying your parents can result in. You should also respect your parents is what Pixar is trying to teach kids and by using a terrifying capture sequence by a menacing diver, kids will definitely get it. Adults can relate to how much our kids mean to us and the measurements and lengths we go at to protect our kids. "Finding Nemo" is an inspiring animation film, but it is still extremely fun. Mild rude humor by all the creative sea creatures we see hear played by voices of actors such as Albert Brooks (Marlin) and Ellen DeGeneres (Dori) allow laughter to be present as well as some edge of your seat type scenes when danger strikes. The visual beauty of this masterful animation is glorious. The opening shot of Nemo of the vast open water is what made me love film for the first time as a child and will inspire other kids as well. The animation allows you to be put in the position of the natural world in Australia and should provide a perfect appeal of a wonderful film.
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By diegom
Written October 10, 2011
This is a really amazing movie
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truly amazing

By pixar206
Written May 11, 2013
I loved it loved it loved it +a billion
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By jpgining911
Written July 05, 2013
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It's gone!

By ptguyrytyfyrjghrjghyjgn
Written September 17, 2012
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