Finding Nemo 3D is great!

By misarae33
Written September 17, 2012
I took my daughter to see this film and it was our first time to a 3D movie! She loved it, She talked about it for hours after. Even as an adult I enjoyed the film.
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Enjoy it all over again!

By timswife
Written June 26, 2016
For those who have seen Finding Nemo and those who haven't this is a must see. Not full of the gimmicky 3D I have come to dislike in many kids movies, this is Nemo -only better. It is beautiful, the colors more brilliant and the story stands up. For those who like gimmicky, I never knew Bruce had so so so many teeth! Take all kids, big and little, and enjoy this story of a little clown fish all over again!
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Worth Seeing again

By Capn4765
Written June 28, 2016
I really wish Disney had made a new finding Nemo, but they want to go with a re-release instead. They did do a good job with the 3D and my 4 year old daughter sat through the whole show and enjoyed it. With her glasses on even.
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Re-hashing the same ole sh8.

By Gojay4Ever
Written February 27, 2017
In the time they took to make it "3-D" , they could have made a second part or new movie. Making the public pay to watch for the same movie twice . It is a parent trap, because of course my 10 YO wants to see it. BTW I love all Pixar movies! but once they start doing like every other studio. They lose a little respect from me.
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Great classic, but so-so 3D

By NJ_Jay
Written March 25, 2017
Everyone knows the original was a great movie. So my rating for this reflects the value of seeing it again in 3D. Probably most everyone with kids has this on DVD or Blu-ray already, so is there value to seeing it again in 3D for $25? I would say the 3D effects were not that great or dramatic. They didn't lend anything to the movie. The dozen previews before the movie showed a much better use of 3D. Maybe since this was a conversion, it wasn't that great. The best new thing was the Toy Story short before the movie. So I would recommend if you have the movie, stay home and watch it and save your money for one of the other upcoming new movies. If you or your child hasn't seen it then definitely go see this one.
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