Larger than life

By cynasch
Written September 17, 2012
After having watched Nemo 50,000 times when my children were younger, this continues to be my favorite movie. And to see it on the big screen in 3D...well, that just sealed the deal. Nemo will forever be my favorite story EVER!
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Nostalgic 3D Movie

By tailwags
Written October 31, 2014
If you have children that have not seen this on the big screen, it is worth it. The 3D effects were OK, but not worth a 3D ticket price. A good palydate movie, but not a must see.
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Best Disney Pixar Movie

By pinkluv234
Written September 14, 2012
I have been dying for this movie and its one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies EVER! I'm 16 and i still love this movie as if i was 5!
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3D was Pretty Cool, but...

By iluvmovies_36
Written December 18, 2014
I loved the movie the very first time I saw it on DVD. So much so, it made me regret not seeing it in the movie theater. When I learned it was coming back to the big screen I made it a point to put it at the top of my "must see" list of movies. I really enjoyed the film and would've have seen it even without the 3D.
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Better than the first time

By CandaceLea
Written September 17, 2012
My husband and I went to see Nemo 10 years ago as a couple just as our son was preparing to leave for college. It was a wonderful reminder then for us to trust we had done what we could to prepare him for his own life. This weekend we took our grandchildren (ages 4 and 6) and 10 years later the message was just as relevant as we watch our grandchildren grow up in an uncertain world. Certainly, feeling like you were swimming with the ocean life was a big plus. Absolutely loved the movie and the Toy Story short at the beginning. The sharks were a bit scary for the kids only because they were in 3D; if your child scares easily perhaps watch a DVD of the movie first. But charming...and worth the experience!
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