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Dory rocks!

By swissmisscrys
Written October 14, 2016
Sooooo cute. Stay after the credits!!!!!
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Emotional, Exciting, and Full of Heart!

By holtge
Written November 06, 2016
Originally written June 17, 2016-- Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from short-term memory loss. The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and Marlin (Albert Brooks), Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute in California, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. What an incredible animated film! As a big fan of "Finding Nemo," I was really looking forward to the sequel. My biggest fear, however, was that this one wouldn't quite measure up to the original. I needn't have worried. This new film that tells the story of Dory's childhood through flashbacks as she struggles to find her Mom & Dad is equal parts emotional, exciting, and full of heart! I loved it! If you were a fan of the first film, I promise you'll love this one too. Terrific!
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Not nearly as good as the first

By mmikos95
Written September 16, 2016
This film was highly anticipated but didn't quite live up to what I had hoped. The movie made way too many references to its predecessor and though it had quite a few funny parts and new characters it still followed the same general plot and jokes. It was nice to see but I doubt I will be buying it on DVD.
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By leannab225
Written August 08, 2016
What would Dory do? Just keep swimming ??
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By Funkyrox77
Written September 16, 2016
Was expecting more. Found myself being bored half way through. Was hoping for more laughs.
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