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By jimchudnow
Written June 24, 2008
[From an advance preview:] This movie is being advertised as a “comedy”-- but it’s really more of a DRAMA with a small number of periodically funny comments by MATTHEW BRODERICK who plays a disillusioned TV comedy writer who keeps trying to hide the fact that he still suffers from a number of recurring addictions (gambling, alcohol, etc.). Even as he’s deceiving his wife (MAURA TIERNEY) about his problems, he goes to Las Vegas to try to “save” his niece (very well-played by BRITTANY SNOW) from her life as a hooker and from what he perceives to be addictions. This slice-of-life drama is a periodically sort of sad commentary on people deceiving themselves along with others. It’s R-rated due to a number of sexual situations (handled more “matter-of-factly” than exploitatively), and it’s usually more successful in its observations than in its humor. Overall, it’s decent (in its indecency and quasi-hopeful ending), but while OK, it's nothing special in my opinion.
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An old fan of Matthew Broderick

By jojackie
Written June 30, 2008
I'm the same age as Matthew Broderick and had a major crush on him after seeing him in "Max Dugan Returns" in 1983....I was a sophmore in college. It gives me a measure of satisfaction that he's aged slightly soft and puffy, as have I, but I still have my crush on him, as he's a fine actor. This film was very well done and I have absolutely no criticisms for it, which is rare for me, as I see at least 6-8 movies a month, mostly not of the mainstream variety. As stated in the earlier review, this is more of a drama than a comedy, and it's best to know that going in, so you're not disappointed. I'm always surprised when people go to see movies without any background knowledge whatsoever about the story, just who's in it. For instance, I recently saw "Savage Grace" with Julianne Moore. It was a pretty depressing story, but I knew that ahead of time. People walked out after the sex scene between mother and son, and some who stayed were shouting their outrage afterward in the ladies' room.
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So-So definitely not Oh-No

By Resist_or_Serve
Written June 18, 2008
I saw the movie at the Tribeca Film Festival, it wasn't the best movie there but it sure wasn't the worse. I've seen many worse movies in theatres. I would give it a shot, it's not bad, but it's better as a movie that you see if you have time, it's not good enough to make time for it.
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