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"Go" or "So-so" for regular version. "Must go" for 3D!

By tvu732
Written August 23, 2011
I have seen FD 1 and 2. This is a pretty good sequel, keeping you focused almost all of the time. Some deaths happen suddenly, some are painfully long but you still can't guess how they die. If you haven't seen the series for several years, you'll find this movie a nice refresh. It is especially enthralling if you go to the 3D. Must go! 3D effects are extremely good, better than Transformers and Harry Potter (I mean, they know how to take advantage of 3D effects. That's why it's better than the other two.) For example, a bloody stake thrown at your face from nowhere can scared you to death. I even dropped my glasses once. Believe me, you'll enjoy this movie.
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Final Destination 5 in 3D Best 3D Movie we have seen thus far! By far great 3D illusions in your face,

By eternalrose
Written August 13, 2011
Final Destionation 5 in 3D Best 3D Movie we have seen thus far! By far great 3D illusions in right in your face!
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Final Destination... (HOPEFULLY)

By Mov13man
Written August 25, 2011
same ol' same old... nothing all that surprising. The 3D was ok but not as great as other 3D feature productions. overall it was just "So-So" My advice, wait till it comes out on DVD, then RENT it.
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Definetly Fun!

By Noloyolo
Written August 14, 2011
The entire series of Final Destination has never been one to fail my expectations. Except, for the fourth installment when they introduced the film in 3D. So when the fifth one was gonna be in 3D, I kinda rolled my eyes but being a die hard fan I still wanted to see it. So I saw it and it was definetly fun to watch. The graphics were good, the suspense was great, and the acting was okay in my eyes. Final Destination always enjoys to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats, guessing how people are gonne go and in the end never turn out the way you expect. Best to see this in theater and in 3D. Watching at home won't be as good. Hey, if ya like gore well then this movie is for you. All in all it was a great movie and best to watch it with friends. Have fun!
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Final Destination 5 3D review

By cj9109
Written August 12, 2011
Just stopping by writing a review on FD5. Overall, the movie was pretty good especially in IMAX 3D, makes you feel like you was in the movie. I'm not going to sit up here and lie, but this movie had my heart pumping lol. I also loved the ending 2 thumbs up.
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