• Released
  • November 15, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • Suspense/Thriller
  • 38 Fan Ratings
Synopsis: The lives of four people become intertwined as the final rapture approaches.

Movie Reviews

Incredible, Profound Film

By lisa371
I would say if there's one movie you don't want to miss in your lifetime, this is it. Went with a group of about 15 and everyone left in tears and shaken up. I know at least 5 are drawing closer to...

Ambassador for Christ

By Lee M
As an Ambassador for Christ, I will see any Christian based movie so i may answer questions for other Christians. wlm...

We're still in the theater after the end credits.....

By cindy23594
WOW. you will never see a film like this ever. i agree with all the comments that it's a truly eye-popping film.....i love the japanese story the best....was in tears....i'm speechless...i hope many...

Final:The Rapture

By vanduzerrichard9402
I was very movied and it made me want to get closer to the Lord....

This can't be happening!

By songmusic4u
Well, we like to support Christian movies, but.......