Filly Brown.

By azel_G
Written September 17, 2014
The movie was great it was sad, funny , and very interesting i loved it i would go again to see it. everyone on there were great actors would have loved to see Jenny sing but that didnt happen. but i still lovedd it she was great.....
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it was good

By bayman707
Written April 22, 2013
it was good but to see jenny that way its was not good the only good thing i like was she trying to rap but she should had done her own rap not her mom rap baby bash play a good part i saw it with my mom the day it comes out in vallejo ca
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The movie was a good movie, but Jeni did not appear in at enough!!!

Written September 20, 2014
The movie all in all was a good movie, but I feel it was oversold by James Olmos, because Jeni did not appear in it enough!!! I feel she only did small cameo roles and did not participate enough like James Olmos claimed!!! She only appeared 4 times and they were very small appearances!!!
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By yessenia_prado
Written September 23, 2014
I Loved It. Must See!!! Make You Count Your Blessing.Its A Great Movie For Older People As Well As FAMILY The Music Was Great I Felt It Dancing. And It Had My Girl JENNI RIVERA! BUT FYI Its Not About Her, She Just Comes Out In It
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By jwinniii
Written May 10, 2013
"Back in the day" sounds corny at first, but children really do change everything. This movie makes a good approach to a subject that needs approaching. JW
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