do you like the film

By cruz32
Written April 21, 2013
i went to see the movies today it was a good movie. it does not have a good message. i fell sleep during the movie.i do not like the movie is was broing
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By Omeyocan
Written April 22, 2013
I first watched Filly Brown for the first time at CineFestival 2013. I attended the screening not expecting much. I wanted to be there to show my support for Latino and independant film. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. The movie drew me in immediately with the great acting, it owned me until its end. I am usually a hard critic of movies when the acting is subpar. Filly Brown, was a refreshing and captivating movie. I only hope that the right people in the right places in Hollywood take notice. I want to see more of these types of movies. Great acting, great story line, and a great message about empowerment and family loyalty. Michael Olmos did a phenomenal job directing, and Gina Rodriguea... well, watch for her to walk the stage at the Oscars one day.
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Filly Brown-MUST SEE

By ezzimendoza
Written April 30, 2013
Excellent movie!! It has been a very long time since a good movie like this has come out. I definitely recommend people to watch it. It is worth the money you spend to see it. You will NOT be disappointed. I am definitely going to watch it again. I will be buying it when it is released on DVD. HURRY GO SEE IT!!!
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I Like it alot.

By johngaldos78
Written May 01, 2013
Was very impress wit Jenni Rivera and Gino, both ladies did great work. i enjoy movie alot
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Filly Brown

By justzee28
Written April 22, 2013
Not really what I had expected. It was Southland meets 8 Mile! Movie was good. Gina did a great job, as well as Jenni
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