By tgmovie
Written April 23, 2009
The same stupid a$$ that was on step up and now he is on this movie. He thinks he knows how to fight and ends up getting his but kicked. This movie reminded me alot of Lionheart that came out in the 80's. what really ruins this movie is terrance howard about using a white boy to make him rich. I never like Tatum on any movie and he should not be allowed to act. DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE, ITS A WASTE OF MONEY
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By Dark_Chameleon
Written April 22, 2009
I'm not a professional reviewer but neither am I a person who has ever written a review of a movie before it came out as more and more are using this 'Went to a preview" line, look at their reviews, they have less then 10 reviews but they work for the movie companies or the papers offering reviews, unlikely. Maybe they won the movie go'ers lottery and got to see a pre screening of the movie, which like any lottery win is extremely unlikely, more likely is they are trying to influence people to watch/not watch a movie they havnt seen, maybe they like/dont like a certain actor and want the ratings to go up or down but I for one prefer to get my reviews from day 1 not two weeks before. I go to between 1 and 3 movies a week and write reviews after each one, wether you choose to read them or not is ofcourse up to you but if your like me you want to get your reviews from those who have actually sat through the entire movie not a trailer reviewer or someone guessing how its going to be.
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“FIGHTING” -- Combatting both opponents and Sterotypes! =

By jimchudnow
Written April 21, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) CHANNING TATUM (also impressive in the film ‘Stop-Loss’ & in this director’s previous film ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’) stars as an ex-wrestling celebrity from an Alabama college who's had a hard time making a living in New York City. He meets a street hustler (finely played by TERRENCE HOWARD), who urges him to use his FIGHTING skills to make them all money at some ‘private’, NO-HOLDS-BARRED gatherings. Harvey, his assistants & other characters (including Channing’s love interest ZULAY HENAO, opponent hustler LUIS GUZMAN, etc.) are often ‘OFF-KILTER’ from the stereotypes you’re expecting. You anticipate crookedness from Howard & odd actions from Tatum, & you’re often SURPRISED by what you get (which I found refreshing). It was a fascinating little film-- until the very end when things just sort of ended in an INCOMPLETE way, as if they’re hoping to do a SEQUEL to cover some major elements which were left “HANGING” in a strange & unsatisfying fashion
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I like it!

By Carmen00622
Written April 26, 2009
I saw this movie by error. I went to the wrong theater room but since I was already in a seat, I said what the hey. I must say that I do not like to fight or fighting but this movie really got my heart pumping. I ready got into it. I even started to throw some punches in the air. This guy Channing Tatum is not bad to look either. Very enjoyable movie. It should of gotten a better rating than a C.
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Wait for it on video

By no7spaz
Written May 09, 2009
Should have, and could have been a great movie. I had 5 boys with me, and we all wanted to fall asleep! We expected there to be more fighting, or at least more "training" scenes. He trained for like 3 minutes in the last 15 minutes or so of the film, and he only had like 3 "mini" fight scenes. WAIT FOR IT AT BLOCKBUSTER - OR BETTER YET - WAIT FOR IT AT RED BOX!
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