Fighting Synopsis
A scam artist (Terrence Howard) introduces a young man (Channing Tatum) to New York's bare-knuckle street-fighting circuit.
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By tgmovie
The same stupid a$$ that was on step up and now he is on this movie. He thinks he knows how to fight and ends up getting his but kicked. This movie reminded me alot of Lionheart that came out in the...


By Dark_Chameleon
I'm not a professional reviewer but neither am I a person who has ever written a review of a movie before it came out as more and more are using this 'Went to a preview" line, look at their reviews,...

“FIGHTING” -- Combatting both opponents and Sterotypes! =

By jimchudnow
(Per an advance preview:) CHANNING TATUM (also impressive in the film ‘Stop-Loss’ & in this director’s previous film ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’) stars as an ex-wrestling celebrity from an...

I like it!

By Carmen00622
I saw this movie by error. I went to the wrong theater room but since I was already in a seat, I said what the hey. I must say that I do not like to fight or fighting but this movie really got my...

Wait for it on video

By no7spaz
Should have, and could have been a great movie. I had 5 boys with me, and we all wanted to fall asleep! We expected there to be more fighting, or at least more "training" scenes. He trained for...

a need to see

By casey70607
i really like this movie, lots of action, loved the ending...

A fightings chance

By dreweatsmovies
go into this movie not expecting much. overall, i enjoyed it. well executed fight scenes, and a likeable performance by Tatum. Terrence Howards character Harvey, was a bit annoying though. Some...

I enjoyed it

By tt_232010
Fighing was good, but the story itslef moved two fast. It would have been nice to focus on how he ended up doing the things that he did, but no matter. They did a good job into choreographing the...

I'm not fighting to see this again

By katherinekiyoko
I was really excited about this movie, mostly because I thought it would be more than just a "fighting" movie. I know Channing Tatum hasn't done anything Oscar-worthy, but I thought with the addition...

NIce Movie.

By jmccloy77
I really enjoyed this movie. I dont believe why people didnt like it or are giving it bad ratings. I go to the movies a lot and always review them. I did agree with one person on here. I wish they...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense fight sequences, some sexuality and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Street-fighting saga is stylish but cliched and violent.
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