A qualified "go"

By elisamaza
Written June 24, 2008
This was mostly as good as I'd heard. Norton, Pitt, and Bonham Carter all brought the crazy in a good way. The big twist was ruined for me years ago (and I wondered whether it would have been tipped fairly early on if I hadn't already known), but that didn't actually detract much. And, as someone I watched with said, "Anyone who watches it for the fights is missing the point." It is, by turns, thoughtful (and dead on) about the vapid spinelessness of consumer-driven culture, and completely full of it - I won't even get into the objections about the treatment (both in the film and as a component of it) of the one "real" female character in a movie all about wounded masculinity. I don't ever need to see it again - there's really only so much I can enjoy watching people's faces get bashed in - but I am glad I finally saw it. That said, I want to officially object to the end. The first 3/4 - maybe 4/5 of the movie get 4 stars. The end gets 2.
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A Classic

By vanleos13
Written February 07, 2016
Fight Club is 14 years old this year and it is still so relevant to the times. The film does the novel justice and I have always recommended both to friends. It's high energy, smart, dark humor and the guys are sexy. Another detail to mention is that the soundtrack is amazing. The movie is a timeless classic. I don't think I can ever see it enough times.
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One of my favorite movies ever.

By Arzus
Written August 27, 2016
Fight Club is amazing. Many people think it's just about men beating each other up, but it's not. It's more than that While that is part of it, it has a deep philosophical point, and is thought-provoking. It is, in fact, completely applicable to today's world. Especially since it's talking about it. The movie is quite demented, so I wouldn't watch it with your four year old nephew or kindly old grandma who only likes It's A Wonderful Life and related movies, but it's a movie meant to be shared. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton do a fantastic job on portraying the characters. If you haven't seen it, watch it now.
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Great awesome movie

By Spydercage
Written May 29, 2016
Great movie and so excited to see it again in a theater. It was cool looking for all the small things that happen in the movie the you get to discover when watching it at home over and over again. The part I really liked is the projectionist scenes, and them explaining cigarette burns. Unfortunately now with all theaters using Digital there are no more burns to watch for and count during the movie. I find it sad and miss them but, then thats technology.
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By angel668
Written July 10, 2008
From the very second it started i was drawn in. I saw it with my friends and none of them got it at first, it is one of those movies where you have to be able to follow it. Norton is the only person i could even imagine playing the narrator in this movie, without him it would not be Fight Club. Pitt also did a spectacular job as Norton's alternate personality, and Norton would be nothing without him. And to top it all off Bonham Carter was great. She added the darkness to the movie and made it the psychotic, thriller it is. Her character had a kind of "don't care" attitude, and it was perfect for this. I thought the shocker of a multiple personality was just a cherry on top of an exceptional movie. This movie contained darkness, desperation, and insomnia, and it was all fit exactly where it should be, right smack dab in the middle of this movie. Without its superb cast, great plot and scrip this movie would be nothing. I am glad i saw it and i will be sure to read the book. A must see!
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