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Read the series before judging

By kimmelkimmy2
Written August 07, 2015
I've read the series 3 times and have been anticipating the movie, hoping Hollywood doesn't make this into just a steamy sex movie. I've also been disturbed by some of the reviews i've read about those concerned about this being about sexual abuse & sadism, especially from those who haven't even read the series. Yeah, the scenes are steamy...ok they're really hot, but this story is about redemption more than anything else. If Hollywood does this right it should be amazing. I'm not sure about the cast yet... Ian was my first choice too because Christian Grey is someone you do double & tripple takes when you see him. This guy they've cast is very handsom, i'll have to see still. Those who haven't read the series but want to cry abuse, read it first before you judge this movie, I think you'll be pleasantly shocked at just how wrong you were.
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By ibqueenbee36
Written January 29, 2016
And stop reviewing a movie you haven't even seen and bombarding this page with 1 ratings, you just look like feminist fools! This is not a book about rape and abuse, IT IS A LOVE STORY and fighting for love. And if they do the movie right, it will be also. Everyone I know basically skipped the sex scenes (although a girlfriend or two loved them!) and read the love story, period. If you haven't read the books, you have no right to judge. Take your protests somewhere else as we are adults and we can like we like. And millions of adults around the world LOVED this series. Can't wait to see the movie!
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Nobody is likely to care about this review as they have already made up their minds.

By charhug
Written January 29, 2016
The only reason I gave this movie one star is because I have to rate it in order to write about it. I have not read the book, but I've heard from those who have. I do not plan to see the movie. I am a veteran author who has written her share of steamy loves scenes. I am also a woman who has been sexually abused. Unfortunately, I am one of millions of women who have been abused and/or raped, and/or in some cases murdered by their partner. That's why I find it disturbing that millions of women think sexual abuse and sadism, even if it is consensual, is sexy. That doesn't say much for the mindset of today's MODERN woman. This tells me that millions of women are turned on by the degradation of women. That does not mean I'm a prude; hey, I have a great time in bed, but I do not fantasize about being hurt or degraded. While you're watching this movie, try to imagine that the female character is your daughter. But, as I said, all of you have already made up your minds so go for it.
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abuse is not romance

By bugbugfartlover
Written October 12, 2016
I just do not understand the flurry of hype to a junk story. Really can they not start making better movies to watch?
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So looking forward to this!

By beckysolorzano1212
Written August 07, 2015
As a trilogy the complete love story is so much fun, and suprisingly I'm pleased with the casting and acting seen in the movie trailer. I actually love the characters more seeing them portrayed here - the "look" seems dead on to the feel of the book. And seeing them in "human form" makes it easier for to understand their attraction to each other than I initially did in the book. I will be one of the people standing in line for the opening weekend for sure! Yeah!
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