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Fifty Shades of Grey Synopsis
Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon.
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The Telegraph

By Tim Robey
Great art it's not – but it's frisky, in charge of itself, and about as keenly felt a vision of this S&M power game we could realistically...
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New York Post

By Sara Stewart
The film never pretends to be other than what it really is: soft-core porn for the ladies, diluted with an “R” rating.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Sheri Linden
With a loose-limbed naturalness, she conveys naiveté, intellectual curiosity and romantic yearning, and shows the unassuming Ana’s newfound...
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By Inkoo Kang
Starring a vivacious Dakota Johnson and a game Jamie Dornan, Taylor-Johnson’s erotic romance is a skillful distillation of James’ first...
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Miami Herald

By Connie Ogle
Despite what you might fear, the movie is not torture. And even if it doesn’t inspire lust, you will breathe a warm sigh of relief,...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
The surprise, if there is a surprise here, is that the film has found a slyly humorous tone for much of the running time.
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Time Out New York

By David Ehrlich
Fifty Shades of Grey is a sex-positive but hopelessly soft-core erotic drama that fails to be even a fraction as titillating as the E.L....
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By Justin Chang
Glossy, well cast, and a consistent hoot until it becomes a serious drag, this neo-“9½ Weeks” is above all a slick exercise in carefully...
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Village Voice

By Amy Nicholson
The film strips Fifty Shades of Grey to its essentials: a confident man, an awkward girl, and a red room rimmed with leather handcuffs....
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Sitting through the turgid and tedious S&M melodrama that is Fifty Shades of Grey may feel like its own form of torture.
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Read the series before judging

By kimmelkimmy2
I've read the series 3 times and have been anticipating the movie, hoping Hollywood doesn't make this into just a steamy sex movie. I've also been disturbed by some of the reviews i've read about...


By ibqueenbee36
And stop reviewing a movie you haven't even seen and bombarding this page with 1 ratings, you just look like feminist fools! This is not a book about rape and abuse, IT IS A LOVE STORY and fighting...

Nobody is likely to care about this review as they have already made up their minds.

By charhug
The only reason I gave this movie one star is because I have to rate it in order to write about it. I have not read the book, but I've heard from those who have. I do not plan to see the movie. I...

abuse is not romance

By bugbugfartlover
I just do not understand the flurry of hype to a junk story. Really can they not start making better movies to watch?...

So looking forward to this!

By beckysolorzano1212
As a trilogy the complete love story is so much fun, and suprisingly I'm pleased with the casting and acting seen in the movie trailer. I actually love the characters more seeing them portrayed here...

People need to get a life ...

By tonja2707
And STOP the madness... Its just a movie. It is NOT porn. It is NOT rape. If you are calling this rape, you are doing a grave disservice to rape survivors. The young woman in this movie CONSENTED...

Fifty Shades of Grey was MORE

By cmaier23
On Friday I had the opportunity to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, not once, but twice! After watching the first time my first thought was, WOW! In a good way. Now I realize the movie was,...

Parents use EXTREME caution

By laurafit
I read all three books and saw the movie in a fan screening last Friday with the Today Show. I felt the movie matched the book exactly, however, should NOT have had an R rating. Should be NC17 (I...

50 shades glorifies rape.

By pocketofmadness
I was discussing the movie with a man going to see it. I mentioned it's differences from BDSM. When he says it is kink, I point out that it stops being kink and is abuse due to lack of consent and...

50 shaes casting

By lfleen17
give us Ian Somerhalder. he already has the great reputation of being versatile, gorgeous, and can certainly play a "dark" side. I don't know if the script will need it at all, but twinkle he can...

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Rated R | For Some Unusual Behavior, Graphic Nudity, Sexual Dialogue, Language and Strong Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Lackluster take on best seller is extremely graphic.
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