Fifty Shades Darker Synopsis
Shadowy figures from Christian Grey's past threaten his rekindled romance with Anastasia Steele.
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There's plenty of room for Improvement

By nikkicha
As a fan of the books and a critic of the movies, I didn't hate it but I wouldn't say it's good either. The soundtrack, as always, was beautiful and really helped carry the movie where there were many...

Sexy Love Story

By njlovallo
The movie is amazing. The Chemistry between Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson really brought the characters of Christian & Ana to life. I felt Darker was better than FSOG. James Foley as the new Director...

Loved It!

By Reecer1
Just walked out of the movie & I Absolutely LOVED Fifty Shades Darker!! It was phenomenal!! Jamie & Dakota's chemistry was insane & Christian is so hot????. The plot is wonderful; you will laugh;...

Just don't do it

By formufasa
This movie could have been directed and edited to make it a descent movie. No, it's horrible. Yes I read the books and of course it can be difficult to translate a book I to screen. But for the love...

Love, love!

By lilianyg1987
This is clearly a movie for fans of the book. They changed some things and left out a lot but that's normal when you take a book to the screen. I still fell in love with the characters once again....


By vrablikrick
Thought that the story and acting would improve in the sequel. That was not the case. Save yourself the time and money on this movie....


By kaikrystal
I really like this than the first one!!! This one is more like in romantic way. So glad christian and ana ks finally on the level im wanted them to be, even thought they showed alot of scene that...


By millanvirginia21
This time around I really liked it. I like how they made it into more of a romance then just about the sex. Even though it did have quite a bit more. I really can't wait to see the final installment....

It's Ok!

By ajerzeygirl
I was disappointed in this movie, it lacked spark. The beginning could have started better. Not worth seeing in the theater. Scenes didn't match up to where they took place in the book. I will say...

Great movie!

By misschristy8781
Loved the movie! It was so much better than the first movie!!! Definitely worth watching... I'd go again!...

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Rated R | For Strong Erotic Sexual Content, Some Graphic Nudity and Language
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Common Sense Media says More sex, less banter in graphic but bland sequel.
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