Fever Pitch

By ashley89
Written August 06, 2007
This movie sucked!
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Sports fans have to see this movie!

By CigarPlayer
Written October 10, 2009
Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are simply AWESOME! I'm a big football fan but this movie is about all sports dudes that love the game. The kicker is....women learn to understand the men's passion for the game (across all sports).
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By panther96
Written March 31, 2007
A cute date movie, but not overall very exciting.
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Good movie

Written March 27, 2009
I really liked this movie, i own it on DVD now. I love baseball so this was pretty cool seeing Fallon as this obsessed fan, even though im a Yankees fan. It is a good date movie and people should check it out, i know its been out since 2005, but it is a cool movie to see if you like baseball. Im a huge hockey fan so i can relate to his character in some ways.
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