By Neesyl
Written July 25, 2008
Good writing, acting and storyline. I highly recommend it.
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This is a must see movie!

By Tmona
Written July 20, 2008
This movie had everything violence, action, and just a touch of sadness. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it...and all of the actors did a kick-***job! Go and check it out...trust me you will not be disappointed.
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Prison must see.

By JPCreedon
Written July 22, 2008
Felon didn't look like much to me on paper, I do like Kilmer and can't really recall seeing Dorff in anything since Blade... figured I'd give it a go though. Dorff awakes in the middle of the night after hearing noise in the house, he springs down the stairs with baseball bat in hand and chases the intruder out. On the way out the intruder seems to be shuffling for something in his pants and Dorff cracks him in the back of the head killing him. Due to technicalities Dorff is sentenced to prison for a term of 3-years... The movie goes into twists of wrong-place at the wrong time and looks at his character's struggles in trying to survive. Definetely worth the watch...
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By zulpha.hendricks
Written June 22, 2013
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