The trailers look good.

By MarkyMarc0405
Written September 23, 2007
Iam go see it Beacuse that Girl is Hot and Kat Deluna is in the Soundtrack..I gotta supoort my Dominicana,..
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By infamousta92
Written October 07, 2007
It's a HOT!!!!! movie u should go see it
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Can't Wait

By UrbanFilm
Written October 02, 2007
I can't wait to check this one out. Omarion is going to tear it up! Anyone hear this soundtrack yet, hot! I can't wait. And the main chick, she is hotter than the soundtrack.
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By nyyankee
Written October 06, 2007
Omarion is super sexy and the music is incredible. the girl is really beautiful too. Must see!!!
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Feel The Noise

By movieviewercox
Written October 06, 2007
The most dissappointing film I've seen in 2 years. Story all over the place, no stong characters. Never actually get to listen to a whole song in the film. Film ends rather abruptly, you don't even get to see Father playing his instruments. Whay happens to the girl????? Only see her dance like twice in the whole movie. Father & son story never fully explains itself fully, or connect with each other. Very little dancing in film, only what you see in the trailers. I'm surprised it ever got to the cinema. On occassions the film looks like it has been put together on a budget. Very very poor producing from Jennifer Lopez. Save your money............stay in and watch a movie.
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