Good movie with good facts but spoiled with liberal agenda

By coolgabsi
Written September 22, 2014
I loved the first part of the movie. I was extremely skeptical, but , I actually appreciated the first half of the movie a lot. Second part:government government, Government created this problem and more government will fix it. But what can you expect from a movie made by an extreme liberal. Overall: don't drink the government juice, get the message ::make a better choice of food ON YOUR OWN.
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A decent preachy movie ruined by politics

By spincut
Written October 28, 2014
There are some good facts and factoids in this movie, and the kids used in the movie are compelling. The legitimate message can be summed up in two words: sugar bad. And I'm sure sugar is bad. But the movie reaches so hard to find a way to blame conservatives and corporations, in fact they find a way to blame Ronald Reagan for bad food in schools (which is ridiculous, schools are incredibly well funded in America). To be fair, the movie does whack on the Obamas a bit, but primarily for being tools of evil corporations. The answer to sugar in food seems to be more government and more government control, as is the answer to every problem from a liberal perspective. So for me, what could have been an interesting movie was ruined by making it a political movie. And it made me doubt the facts. But there is no doubt sugar is a big problem in the American diet... I would say education is the answer, and get rid of the sugar subsidy... that would be a big start.
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Republican's Fault

By mcmildc
Written October 22, 2014
1. People in America are fat due to conservatives owning all the big corporations 2. People are too stupid to make good food choices. People that try to make good choices can't afford to due to conservatives jacking up food prices for more money (even though a head of lettuce is $1). 3. The government can fix it all by mandating what you eat as long as the bad conservatives don't try to stop it.
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By eb2jim
Written September 22, 2014
This is a movie that does a decent job of illustrating how poor diet heavy on processed foods mixed with general ignorance leads to wide spread obesity. It focuses on several children who have suffered with obesity and seem helpless to get to healthy body weight. It sadly concludes that only big government can save us and it becomes a propaganda freak out. See a nutritionist instead.
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Good Movie... Sad Situation

By bucs23
Written September 22, 2014
I watch a number of these types of documentaries and find myself continuously amazed at the lack of regard the government and big business have for our health. I thought Fed Up was well done. It is great wake up call for those who are not aware of these issues. I am not sure if the call to push for government intervention is the most effective course of action however I love that they are bring attention to all these issues along with the economic and political influences. For me, it just reinforces my commitment to working with children's health through the various organizations I support and Kids WellCare that focus on immediate change through nutrition.
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