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Stephanie Soechtig's documentary Fed Up, hosted by Katie Couric, presents the case that the food industry and the government have acted together in order to change the eating habits of America.
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Good movie with good facts but spoiled with liberal agenda

By coolgabsi
I loved the first part of the movie. I was extremely skeptical, but , I actually appreciated the first half of the movie a lot. Second part:government government, Government created this problem...

A decent preachy movie ruined by politics

By spincut
There are some good facts and factoids in this movie, and the kids used in the movie are compelling. The legitimate message can be summed up in two words: sugar bad. And I'm sure sugar is bad. But...

Fed Up

By supert2112
We enjoyed this documentary very much. It goes along the lines of Food inc, Hungry for chamge, and Food Matters. The truth about our food is out there and little by little its being revealed to the...

Republican's Fault

By mcmildc
1. People in America are fat due to conservatives owning all the big corporations 2. People are too stupid to make good food choices. People that try to make good choices can't afford to due to...

The truth about the foods we eat

By iiishw
For my far right conservative brothers and sisters, please ignore the very heavy left leaning presence in this movie. This is a real serious subject and we've been dubbed by the food industry. I had...

By eb2jim
This is a movie that does a decent job of illustrating how poor diet heavy on processed foods mixed with general ignorance leads to wide spread obesity. It focuses on several children who have...

Good Movie... Sad Situation

By bucs23
I watch a number of these types of documentaries and find myself continuously amazed at the lack of regard the government and big business have for our health. I thought Fed Up was well done. It is...

Fed Up.

Informative, Thought Provoking, A Hitting Home movie. Don't miss it....

By mjonesrobinson
Insightful film on the effect the government and big business has had on the obesity epidemic in the US, definitely a must see...


By Lromfried
Great film warning us of the dangers lurking in our food. The food industry and our government will see this film as subversive, showing the government's complicity in pushing a diet destroying the...

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Rated PG | For Thematic Elements, Smoking Images and Brief Mild Language
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Common Sense Media says Informative, engrossing docu about saying no to sugar.
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