By Daydream
Written September 29, 2007
Saw the first showing of this movie. I didnt know what to expect. The trailer portrayed it as somewhat of a cheerful romantic comedy of sorts. This movie is comprised of a mixture of feelings and emotions. (love, hate, joy, distress, lust, faith, etc...) You can see what "real" love is in this movie and the journeys people take just for that love. I loved every part of this movie, excpet for some of the nudity. Some of it could have been left out, but the rest of the movie blended it in to forget about it. I was really drawn into the actors with their emotions and problems. Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear really played the part. They were amazing. You learn something great from this movie. (which i will let you figure out on your own when you see it) I will gladly see this again.
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"Feast of Love"

By elainerach
Written September 30, 2007
"Feast of Love" is a weeper. Bring lots of tissue. As you recognize yourself in the characters on-screen, you will bawl silently. This movie is for anyone whom has ever loved and not been loved in return. It's for anyone who has loved someone and found out that they didn't really know them at all. It's also for people who haven't found love and are desperately aching for it. Lastly, "Feast of Love" is for anyone who lives and breathes. Each actor does an exceptional job with their roles, in particular Toby Hemingway who portrays Oscar as a sensitive, passionate young man with a scarred soul. Every scene works. I was never bored. I enjoyed the way all the characters and sub-plots were neatly intertwined with the perfect amount of suspense. This is a movie that lends itself to discussion. You will be talking about this movie with your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers -- even strangers you meet in line. "Feast of Love" is an uplifting work of art.
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Great cast in a slow, thoughtful movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Written November 28, 2008
Has some wonderful moments, and I really liked the message to throw yourself into love but keep both eyes open. This is essentially a chick flick so I guess the producers decided to throw in some "tasteful" full frontal nudity and sex scenes to keep the guys involved, which as a guy I can appreciate but be forewarned if that puts you off. Sometimes they treated Portland as a small town where everyone runs into everyone else at just the right/wrong time, which got a little tedious. This is a slow movie but its pacing fits the subject matter, namely, how relationships develop, blossom and/or degrade. A couple of scenes did not work for me but overall a good date movie, especially for those who have already love and lost.
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Feast of Love

By grandparents123
Written September 29, 2007
This is definitely about love and relationships, but not your typical chick flick movie. Not light and fluffy or boring but very deeply intense and the acting was wonderful. A strong message about letting go of what doesn't work and accepting that love is love sometimes beyond our control. It covers the magic of attraction and that "love is everything" ! There is also the subject of death of a dearly loved one. A tear jerker for the feminine - I'm afraid. If you want to come home appreciating and honoring what you HAVE and embracing the one you love - this is the movie. MT
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Love Barf

By Anton Ego
Written September 29, 2007
This was one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of cinema. I took my wife to see it after a long week of work, thinking it would cheer her up and be a fun way to start the weekend. Instead, we sat through the two most depressing hours of our young lives only to be ravaged of all hope and all optimism about the future. Don't be decieved - this is not a movie about love. There is scarcely any love, let alone a feast. This is the Ethiopia or Sudan of amorous nutrition . . . this movie should instead be called feast of lies, deception, darkness and death. If those words appeal to you, bon appetite. The end.
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