Oh, that kind of love?

By moviego
Written September 29, 2007
I have left very few movies in my life. Tooooo slow and could not hold my attention from subject matter to Style. Thank goodness for Morgan Freemen. I love Greg Knnear but why this move?
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Pretty good, but tugs at the heart strings

By plaxii
Written October 01, 2007
Going into this movie i was expecting more of a rom-com, but this movie falls more into the romantic side then comedy. The stories were all very interesting. Some of them ended in nice happy endings while others really made you want to weep. If you are in the mood to have the state of relationships examined then this is the movie for you
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Feast of movie cliches

By hollyrocks
Written October 02, 2007
This movie is worth a rental at best. Nothing original or particularly compelling in this story. Morgan Freeman's presence and partial narration add warmth. Most of the other actors seemed wooden and uninteresting, particularly Radha Mitchell and the dark haired actress whose name escapes me. It wasn't an unpleasant film, it was just an unmoving, uninspiring waste of 2 hours.
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Decent Movie

By billyearl
Written October 08, 2007
Thought the movie plotline was relatively good but seems like Director got carried away with sex and nudity. Just didn't add to the story.
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A little too sweet for its own good

By Levaro
Written October 04, 2007
It is cute enough and the performances are real enough to overlook the silly coincidences and "movie of the week" cliches
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