Feast of Crap

By i_heart_movies!
Written October 05, 2007
How could a movie with Greg Kinnear and Morgan Freeman be such crap? It was completely boring, characters had no chemistry on the screen and it was completely predictable. It became entertaining half way through when we concentrated on the extras in the background. And you know it is bad when you burst out laughing at the way they kill off one of the characters! My favorite part: the credits!
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Feast of Love

By rapid109
Written October 01, 2007
Well acted. Agreat story to give you apuse for thought in developing a better understanding human relationships.
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Excellent Movie

By brendalittle
Written October 01, 2007
Rich characters -- You feel you know them by the end of the movie. Superbly written story. Completely worth the money to see this movie.
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Pretty good, but tugs at the heart strings

By plaxii
Written October 01, 2007
Going into this movie i was expecting more of a rom-com, but this movie falls more into the romantic side then comedy. The stories were all very interesting. Some of them ended in nice happy endings while others really made you want to weep. If you are in the mood to have the state of relationships examined then this is the movie for you
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Feast of movie cliches

By hollyrocks
Written October 02, 2007
This movie is worth a rental at best. Nothing original or particularly compelling in this story. Morgan Freeman's presence and partial narration add warmth. Most of the other actors seemed wooden and uninteresting, particularly Radha Mitchell and the dark haired actress whose name escapes me. It wasn't an unpleasant film, it was just an unmoving, uninspiring waste of 2 hours.
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